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What Are the Additional Charges When Renting a Car?

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When renting a car, there may be additional costs that you may be charged for by the car rental company. VroomVroomVroom has compiled a list of possible costs that you may not be aware of when hiring a car.

  • Kilometre charges: The first thing to do is check if your car rental has a kilometre limit. This would have been displayed when you booked the car. If you are unsure, make sure to check your car rental agreement. If you go over the specified kilometre limit, you will be charged for any kilometre over.
  • One way fees: Are you picking your car rental up in one location and dropping it off somewhere else? If so, you will be charged a one way fee (the cost varies depending on distance and location).
  • Young drivers surcharge: Are you under 25 years of age? If so, you might need to pay a young drivers surcharge. Check with the car rental company or call our customer care team if you are unsure.
  • Fines: Just like when you drive any other car - if you receive a fine in the car hire, you will be charged for the full cost.
  • Tolls: The same thing applies with tolls - you will be charged for any tolls, just like you would in your own car.
  • Damage: If you damage your car hire, you will be charged for the cost to fix it regardless of how big or small it may be.
  • Excess insurance: Insurance is an additional charge however, purchasing it can save you money in the long run if you damage the vehicle or if it is stolen.
  • Fuel: Ensure that you return your car rental with a full tank of fuel. Unless you have pre-purchased fuel, you will need to ensure that the tank is full on return otherwise you will be charged the cost to refuel it.
  • Additional drivers: Extra drivers will be charged a daily fee. If you are travelling with a partner of colleague you may not be charged.

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 For example:

Jane wants to drive from Brisbane to Sydney

Jane rented a car in Auckland and drove down to Wellington. Because she picked her car up in one location and dropped it off in a different location, Jane was charged a one way fee. On her journey she went through toll roads which she was also charged for. Jane's car rental came with a kilometre limit which she surpassed by 100 km meaning she had to pay for every kilometre over the specified limit. She returned her car with a full tank of fuel and no damage meaning Jane was not charged anything extra.