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How Long Will It Take for My Security Bond To Be Returned?

Security bond

In most cases, the security bond you pay upfront upon collection of your rental car will be returned to you after the car is returned. However, if the rental provider finds the car was returned in an unacceptable state, whether due to damage, cleanliness, or otherwise, some or all of the security bond amount could be withheld to cover costs.

If everything is all good, the bond amount will be unfrozen from your account within three to ten business days depending on your rental provider and the bank you are with. Over busy periods, such as Christmas and Easter, it could likely take the full ten days before you see the money in your account.

If you’re waiting for your bond to be returned and have not been advised of any problems with the vehicle, you may contact your rental provider after the ten-day timeframe to inquire.

Ultimately, you may need to be patient. The time it takes for the bond to be returned to you all comes down to how busy the rental provider is at the time. Please refrain from contacting the rental provider before the ten-day window has passed.

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The Security Bond Return Process

David rented a car in July for two weeks. Because it was not a busy period for the depot, he received a full return of the security bond in just five days. As he returned the car in perfect condition, his experience was smooth and simple.