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Maui Campervan Rental Guide

Maui Campervan Hire

Do you want to find the best Maui campervan rental rates in New Zealand? Actually, you won't be needing discount coupons anymore  as you will get the best and affordable prices right here! Search for your car above, or find more information about the supplier below.

Phone Maui
Auckland Airport Campervan Rentals: +64 (09) 255 3910
Christchurch Airport Campervan Rentals: +64 (03) 357 5610
Queenstown Campervan Rentals: +64 (03) 450 9510
International: 0800 688 558

About Maui 

Maui offers the best motorhome rentals in New Zealand. Its range of motorhome rentals and campervan hire are ideal for people looking for comfort and cozy design while traveling and driving for vacations. 

Maui campervans are less than 2.5 years old and can host between two to six passengers, depending on the vehicle. Pick up a Maui motorhome hire in Auckland, Christchurch, or Queenstown which are conveniently located at the airport or nearby.

Maui offers the following motorhome rentals:

  • Ultima
  • Ultima Plus 
  • Beach Campervan 
  • River Campervan 
  • Sunset Campervan