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What Documents Will I Need When I Pick Up My Rental Car in New Zealand?

Required documents

When you pick up a rental car in New Zealand, you’ll need to take a couple of things with you. In some instances, depending on your circumstances, this could include things like an International Driving Permit, a passport, or a medical certificate. In all cases, however, you’ll need a valid, unrestricted driver licence and a credit card that’s in your name.

Driver Licence

The majority of major rental providers only accept full, unrestricted driver licences. In most instances, drivers with a learner or probationary licence will not be permitted to rent a car. The valid licence needs to have been held for at least 12 months, and if the licence isn’t printed in English, you’ll also need to present an International Driving Permit alongside it.

Check out our page on licence requirements for more information.

Credit Card

A valid credit card in the name of the primary driver must be presented upon collection of the vehicle. It will be charged by the rental provider for the cost of your rental car and any extras you requested, and the security bond amount will also be held until you return the vehicle. Visa and Mastercard are welcome, and many providers also accept American Express and Diners Club cards.

Check out our page on credit cards for more information—otherwise, if you’re wondering about other payment methods, click here.

For example:

Vivienne Arrives to Collect Her Rental Car in New Zealand

Vivienne is visiting New Zealand from France. She arrives at Auckland Airport to collect her rental car and is asked to present a credit card and her driver licence. However, because her driving licence is printed in French, she is also asked to provide an International Driving Permit along with her licence.