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Everything You Need to Know About Returning a Rental Car

Returning Your Rental Car NZ

When you return your rental car in New Zealand there are a few things to keep in mind so that the process is quick and simple. We understand the importance of ensuring that your car rental experience is a positive one. This is why we have put together this article - so you know exactly what to do when you return your car. The key takeaway is that your rental car should be in the same condition it was in when you picked it up. This means that the car should be clean and the fuel tank should be full. Ensuring that your car is returned on time is also important as you may be charged additional fees for late returns.

Fuel policy

When you return your rental car, make sure that the fuel tank is full. We recommend going to a petrol station that is close to the car rental depot. If the fuel tank is not full, you will be charged by the supplier the amount needed to fill it (which is at a higher rate). You may also have the option to prepay your fuel which means that when you pick up your car rental there with be fuel in the car you are able to use. In this instance, when you return your hire car, you won't need to refill it.

Out of Hours Returns

Out of hours returns is when the car depot either has no one present at the specific location or it is closed. When this is the case, there will be a box available for you to drop your keys off at. This makes the process easy because you don't need to wait for someone to show up or need someone to be there, you simply put your keys in the allocated box, which they will tell you the location off, and that's it!

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When will my security bond be refunded?

After you return your rental car, the car's condition will be inspected to make sure everything is fine. If all is well with the car, your security bond will be refunded within 5-10 business days. Peak times may take close to 10 days where off-peak times should be around the 5-day mark.

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Late returns

Returning your rental car late will incur additional charges. You need to let the car supplier know if you will be returning late. Depending on the car supplier, there may be a grace period. This is a short period of time that you will have to return it if you are running late. The grace period varies between suppliers and if the car is returned after this period of time, you will be charged extra.

Returning the car early

Vehicles can be returned early, however, whether you can have a refund or get charged for the unused days once your car has been collected will depend on the terms and conditions set out in your Rental Agreement. Remember that returning early before the scheduled time does not automatically reduce the charge. Modifying or changing the dates, times, location or vehicle type for any confirmed bookings will mean your supplier will need to recalculate your rental rate and you may be liable to pay the hire charge for each day you have agreed to rent the vehicle. This means rates could go up or down than your original rental quote.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further information. Our Customer Care Team will be happy to assist you.


When you return your rental car in New Zealand...

Make sure you return your rental car at the time that is displayed on your rental agreement to avoid any extra fees. Ensure that the fuel tank is full so you can avoid any fuel charges. If you are going to be late in returning your car rental make sure to let the car supplier know you are going to be late and let them know your new estimated time of arrival.