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Returning Your Rental Car Outside of Business Hours

Returning out of hours

If you would like to return your rental car outside the depot’s opening hours, you’ll need to gain approval from your rental provider. Many locations allow for after-hours returns, but it’s important that you confirm the drop-off time with your rental provider as you’ll be charged if you return the car later than the time specified in your rental agreement. You should also let your rental provider know as soon as possible if you expect to be delayed in returning the vehicle.

Check out our page on returning your rental car for more info.


Make Sure Your Rental Provider Knows When You’ll Be Returning the Vehicle

As John was driving to the depot to return his rental car, he realised he was likely going to be 20 minutes late. He immediately called up the rental provider and told them about his delay. Because the depot accepted after-hours returns, he was able to drop off his car without any issues.