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Information About Multi-Island Hire in New Zealand

Multi-island hire

Apart from Apex and GO Rentals, most of our car rental partners don’t allow their vehicles to go on the ferries that run between New Zealand’s main islands. That being said, they may offer multi-hire deals, wherein you can drop off your rental car at the ferry terminal, then collect another on the other side.


If you're starting your journey in the North Island, you’ll need to return your first rental car to the Wellington Ferry Terminal. This terminal is close to the city centre—at Aotea Quay—and operates from 6:30am to 6:15pm. Once you've dropped off your rental car, you'll need to proceed to the Passenger Terminal.


The Picton Passenger Terminal generally operates from 8am to 8pm. If you’d like to travel from the South Island to the North Island to continue your road trip, you’ll need to drop your rental car off at the terminal; then, once you reach Wellington to collect your next rental car, you’ll find the car rental desks inside the terminal there.

Please note, approval for any special multi-hire deals is subject to:

  • Minimum rental duration: This is usually three to five consecutive days per island depending on your rental provider and type of vehicle you’re hiring
  • Appropriate amount of notice: Most rental providers will need at least 72 hours notice if you’re planning to cross between islands, otherwise there may not be any available vehicles for you to collect on the other side
  • Late arrival fees: If you plan on picking up your rental car after hours at the Picton or Wellington ferry terminals, you will need to pay extra

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