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Discover the natural beauties of Whangarei in a car rental.

Tired of crowded buildings and never ending traffic? Visit the beautiful quiet town of Whangarei. Located on the North island of New Zealand and is approximately 2 hours car drive north of Auckland. We can help you book a hire car to get there, or even when you are already there.

Visit the famous tourist spots all over Whangarei. Explore nature to its fullest as you walk along through Mount Parihaka reserves. Take pictures and enjoy a dip on Hatea River or take a boat ride and visit Matakohe/Limestone Island. After a hard day of adventure it's always nice to enjoy the comfort of your car hire as you travel to your next destination.

Poor Knights Islands

The coast of New Zealand is a playground for travelers and locals alike with so much on offer: whale and dolphin watching, fishing, jet boating, sailing, diving and so much more. Jet your hire car just up the coast of Whangarei where the Island of Poor Knights is situated. It's a protected Marine Park that has become a popular destination for a unique and memorable experience in the North Island. It has an abundance of sea life due to the water around it being protected from all fishing and removal of any shells or coral. Rainbow coloured fish and coral will be there to greet you as you enter an octopus's garden, a breath taking experience you will never forget.

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Whangarei Car Rental
Whangarei,North IslandNew Zealand
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