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Paying For Your Rental Car With a Credit Card

Credit card

Rental providers require you to present a credit card upon collection of your rental car. The credit card will need to have your name printed on it, and your signature will be checked against the signature on the credit card when you sign your rental agreement.

Which Credit Cards Are Accepted by Car Rental Providers in New Zealand?

In most cases, Visa and Mastercard are accepted by New Zealand’s major rental brands, and American Express and Diners Club cards may also be accepted by some rental providers. You’ll need to present your credit card when you collect your rental car and sign your rental agreement, and you may need a second credit card depending on the type of vehicle you select. The security bond for your vehicle will also be held on your nominated credit card.

Can I Use Someone Else's Credit Card?

No. For security purposes, the credit card used must match the name of the driver on the booking. It is mandatory that the name, address, and signature on the credit card are reflective of the details printed on the driver licence. If the name on the credit card does not match, you may be refused a vehicle.

I Forgot My Credit Card. Can I Show a Picture of It Instead?

No. The physical credit card (along with your driver's licence) must be sighted by staff at the rental counter prior to the signing of your rental agreement. As you will be taking the rental car off site, this is a security measure that needs to take place.

If payment by credit card isn’t an option for you, here’s some information on other payment methods.

Can I Pay Using a Debit Card?

Many rental providers will accept debit card payments, however, it must display either a Mastercard or Visa emblem, and there may also be an adjusted amount for the security deposit. This is based on the terms and conditions of the rental provider you are hiring with. Locations, vehicle type, and the rental provider will all factor into whether you’ll be able to pay using your debit card. Additionally, any applicable card surcharge may differ to typical credit card surcharges.

For further details on paying with a debit card, click the Important Information box that is displayed when you select a rental car using our search form. The Important Information box will tell you what is required based on the payment option of your choice.


Before Paying Using Your Credit Card

Car rental policies and credit card surcharges are subject to change without notice. Make sure you double check the car hire company's terms and conditions, which you'll find on the booking page before confirming your reservation through VroomVroomVroom. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.