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Top destinations for sandboarding in New Zealand

Road trips for sandboarding

New Zealand is known for its stunning scenery, world-renowned road trips, and fun activities. If you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping, then check out our top road trip destinations for sandboarding.

Sandboarding spots on the North Island

Te Paki Sand Dunes

There’s no shortage of sand at Te Paki.
There’s no shortage of sand at Te Paki.

Known as the most popular place for sandboarding in New Zealand, the Te Paki Dunes are a must-visit if you’re visiting the North Island. Pick up your rental car and head on over. You can also check out 90 Mile Beach along the way.

Renting a car from Whangarei is a great option as it isn’t too far from the Te Paki Sand Dunes. Travel time is around 3 hours and 25 minutes via State Highway 1 in Whau Valley towards Cape Reinga.

Hokianga Sand Dunes

A distant view of Hokianga Sand Dunes.
A distant view of Hokianga Sand Dunes.

Fancy travelling to a secluded island to enjoy the thrilling activity of sandboarding? Hokianga Sand Dunes are the place to be.

Again, renting a car from Whangarei is a good idea for travel to Hokianga. Travel time is around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Take Hatea Drive and Kamo Road to State Highway 1 in Whau Valley. Follow State Highway 1 to State Highway 12 in Ohaeawai, and continue to your destination.

Lake Wainamu Black Sand Dunes

Nothing quite compares to the adrenaline rush you get from boarding down Lake Wainamu’s black sand dunes. As its name suggests, the sand at Lake Wainamu is black, which makes the experience all the more memorable.

Rent a car in Auckland and drive to Lake Wainamu. Travel time is about 40 minutes. Following State Highway 16, proceed onto Red Hills Road and then to Waitakere. From there, Bethells Road and Tasman View Road will lead you to your destination.

Sandboarding spots on the South Island

Sandfly Bay

Sandfly Bay has dunes and amazing coastal views.
Sandfly Bay has dunes and amazing coastal views.

If you’re chasing beautiful coastal views, amazing wildlife, and a prime spot for sandboarding, then Sandfly Bay is for you. This location is the epitome of a New Zealand beach, and it’s also the perfect location for creating memories on the South Island.

From a rental car depot in Dunedin, it only takes about 20 minutes to drive to Sandfly Bay. Take Wharf Street to Somerville Street, then Highcliff Road to Seal Point Road.

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