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    Do The Dunes: Dunedin

    If you think you've done it all in Dunedin, don't forget to drive to Sandfly Bay to do the dunes.  

    Dunedin is a great place to start a road trip with cars available in the city itself, or at Dunedin Airport. After you've admired the finest Victorian/Edwardian architecture in the Southern Hemisphere, stuffed your face with Cadbury chocolate, and imbibed  some  cold Speights beers; it's time to stretch out those leg muscles, and get some fresh sea breeze in your lungs.   Get that heart rate pumping with excitement as you head to experience a local treat at Sandfly Bay for sand dune surfing, sliding, running and even tumbling.  Follow up with an easy one kilometre walk to see the local wildlife in their natural habitat. Sandfly Bay is the only place in the South Island to do this. 

    This cheap experience only requires your rental car to get you there, a snow board, boogie board, skim board, or if those aren't accessible, drop by the local supermarket or Harvey Norman store, and pick up a big cardboard box for free (it's equally exciting). Also pack a windbreaker jacket, some food, drinks and swim gear in case you want to take a dip in the ocean and re-hydrate after working up a sweat climbing the sand dunes. All set?  VroomVroomVroom in your rental car for 25 kilometres southeast of central Dunedin, towards the Otago Peninsula on Highcliff road, take a right on to Sealpoint Road where you'll arrive at a dead end with plenty of parking spaces for your rental car, and a breath-taking view. 

    Have You Any Wool?

    Before you can dive on down the 20 degree, and two kilometre-long slope, grab your gear, follow the track and enjoy the five minute stroll (or two minute run) through the farmland terrain. Perhaps even say hello to the stray sheep that may come to greet you.  Now before you know it, you will arrive at the peak of the sand dunes. Here, you  MUST strip yourself of any adulthood composure, gear up with your board or cardboard box, take a deep breath, and dig those toes into the sand as you run and dive on down into your youthful essence.

    Sea Lions & Penguins

    Take care while you're surfing to keep your mouth closed, and squint a little to avoid eating sand and being temporarily blinded because there is other stuff you will want to see.  Sea lions prop themselves up on the coast around you, and there is a yellow-eyed penguin habitat located one kilometre away at the south end of the beach. 

    Just follow the marked track that will lead you up to a hut where you can view and enjoy all of it for free!