John Irvine - The Poet of New Zealand

John Irvine is a well known poet from New Zealand. By chance the Vroom Vroom Vroom team crossed paths with John and below lies the ridiculous outcome. Enjoy!

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Our clever little car named Vroom Vroom Vroom

Here we are in Kiwiland, flown in from Aussie's drought, we're looking for our rental car so it can take us out of Auckland (cos we're country folks) and like to breathe fresh air.
Didn't take too long to find with the helpful people there.

We'd planned our jolly journey from the Cape down to the Bluff, we travelled all around in style, saw lots of Kiwi stuff, like kauri trees in Northland, and the Ninety Mile Beach,
there, the far horizon just went on right out of reach.

We crossed the Hokianga, where once Opo used to swim, down the coast until one chilly morning on a whim we climbed up Taranaki until we found the snow, then we rolled some down the mountain like an icy lava flow.

Straight across to Taupo then for a tub of trout paté which we gobbled up with crackers as we drove along our way. Rotorua next it was, with its perfume: Rotten Eggs, its spouts and bubbly boiling mud, our noses closed with pegs.

From there our clever vroom vroom car took us 'round the Eastern Cape, down through Ruatoria: we sped, we slept, we ate. Had a look at Napier, the Art Deco place de jour,
then cut inland to Palmy North, and Foxton by the shore.

We took a look at Wellington where the wind fair sends you pale, where mother lost her fav'rite hat which went south in a gale. We saw that funny Parliament built like a hive for bees, and dad said, 'hey, they are all Bs…' and laughed and slapped his knees.

Across the Strait to Picton, we sailed Queen Charlotte Sound, then after tea and scones we headed south to poke around.

We strolled the Square in Christchurch, even saw that silly wizard, then off we went through Arthur's Pass right through a freezing blizzard.

Even though the roads were steep and sometimes pretty grim, our little car went vroom vroom vroom 'til Greymouth we were in. From there we headed down the coast through Ross and Harihari, across the Alps a second time, but through Cromwell did not tarry.

We had to give the Bluff a miss cos time was running out, though we'd planned to scoff the shellfish 'til our knees had got the gout..

And anyway the oysters aren't dredged up until March 09 so we'll have to gorge the little beasts some other future time.

Up through Oamaru we went, across the wide Waitaki, where the salmon run hard ev'ry year and are captured (if you're lucky.). From Timaru to Ashburton across the Canty Plains heading for the airport: we had to catch a Qantas plane.

Sad, we were, when finally we left those Shaky Isles, but we're taking home great memories, and piles of happy smiles. We'd do it all again, I know, we'd come back really soon if we could guarantee our holly in our wee car Vroom Vroom Vroom..

By John Irvine

John's Works

Rat atouille for the rindless
Man of Stone

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