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Should You Rent a Car in New Zealand?

Benefits of renting a car in NZ guide

So you've finally booked that flight to New Zealand! This little country at the bottom of the world is one that many people, from all around the world, have on their travel bucket list. And now that you've made the decision to come here - what's next? Here at VroomVroomVroom, one question we get asked a lot  is -  should we rent a car in New Zealand? Ideally. tourists or travellers should definitely rent a car provided he or she can drive and has a driver's license.

While it's easy to think that being such a small country, catching buses or going on a tour would cover the main highlights. However, New Zealand is not just compact. It is also sparsely populated, so buses will only take you to very main-stream attractions. The beauty of this country is often found in out of the way spots. Part of its uniqueness is not just finding a stunning beach, but that you may well have at least a part of that beach, all to yourself!

Benefits of renting a car in New Zealand

If you want to explore the rest of NZ at your own pace and on your own schedule. renting a car seems like a good idea. Here are a few benefits:

1. Car is more convenient than public transport

There are many so many amazing spots you just won't get to on a tour or a bus. Like if you are heading to the Coromandel Peninsula for beaches, there are many secret coves only accessible by walking around the coast at low tide. A hire car means you can drive to the nearest access point, such as to Whangapoua Beach, then walk for thirty minutes to iconic New Chums Beach. Or try Lonely Bay, which is just how it sounds, from the resort town of Cooks Beach, close to Whitianga. 

2. Freedom to go anywhere

There's plenty you can get to easily in New Zealand, but with a car rental, you can get to secluded hot pools which will be free and uncrowded. You can drive a little out of Rotorua and find spots around Lake Tarawera, or head to Spa Park in Taupo. Even in the main centres, a car allows you to spend time doing whatever matches your interests. Hence, a hire car is definitely the way to go.

3. You can book a car that fits your likes and needs

At VroomVroomVroom, we can match you with a vehicle from a trusted supplier that will exactly meet your needs at the best possible price. We also provide you with lots of inside-info here on our website, to get you away from the crowds and to the best secret attractions.

4. Enjoy special promotions and deals

There is a lot of competition in the New Zealand rental car industry, meaning you can access some great deals and perhaps even take advantage of promotions inclusive of local passes and entry fees. 

5. Travel at your own pace

New Zealand is a great destination to be able to travel at your own pace. With amazing scenery and well-maintained roads, both the North and South Island are ideal for a long road trip. 

Disadvantages of renting a car in New Zealand

Are there any downsides to car hire in New Zealand? How about local driving conditions? Sure, there are some specific local or seasonal conditions that it is best to be aware of. But mostly New Zealand's roads are uncrowded and well maintained. Just do some extra preparation by reading our article of tips for driving in New Zealand

1. Roads can be twisty

Take your time and stop often to enjoy the views! There are some issues with traffic congestion at peak hours in Auckland and Wellington, but hey, you're on holiday! Sleep in in the mornings, and be relaxing by 5pm each day, and you shouldn't have to encounter those kinds of hassles!

2. The extra cost of petrol

Yes, petrol is reasonably expensive in New Zealand. Arguably, using buses may work out cheaper for a solo traveller. However, all you need is one extra person in your car to split the bills with to find that a car will begin to offer value. For a family, or group travelling, the maths soon starts to favour car rental. If you get your rental car at the best price, and you will if you book through VroomVroomVroom, car hire can be cost-effective.