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Relive the 60's vibe that drove almost every teen crazy to experience! Rather than the high tech embellished (& expensive) modern day cinematic atmosphere! 

Drive-in Outdoor Cinemas

Nothing can beat the relaxed, stripped back ambiance of watching a movie under the stars or in the comfort and privacy of your own car, perhaps put the two together and watch the movie on top of your bonnet wrapped up in a blanket or chuck a mattress at the back of your pick up truck and park backwards. These are only a portion of things you can do to tailor your experience and the best part is it won't cost you the world, because that's what the Vroom team do… help you find cheap car rental fast and great 'value for money' things to do via your car hire.

Of which you must! Take your car rental to the only permanent Drive-in Cinemas New Zealand has to offer- Firefly Cinemas, Trentham Racecourse, Wellington.  At $30 per vehicle (8 people max) the whole family will be welcome no matter how noisy the kids may get, so don't worry about being able to hear the audio clearly; thanks to the revolution of technology tune your radio into the specified frequency and hear the audio as loud as you need directly from your car speakers.

Just be sure to get your tickets early as this is only a seasonal treat from October-April with features being played every Sunday after sunset at about 8:30pm and you won't want to miss out. 

Have you been to Firefly Cinemas or a Drive in Movie before- Share your comments/experiences below…


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