Zoom onto VroomVroomVroom for a Car Hire Deal

We love our company name VroomVroomVroom. Why you might ask? Because when our customer service team answer the phones, people think they are trying to sound like cars. It is actually really fun to do and also to listen too.

Nevertheless, once everyone has had a good laugh, our customers keep on laughing when we find them a fantastic car hire deal. You see, there is more to our business then our awesome name. We also offer the following benefits for anyone who wants to book with us -

  • 0 booking fee - zero, zilch, nothing. We won't charge you a booking fee
  • No Cancellation fee - we know plans change, so you will not be charged if you find the need to cancel
  • Save - by comparing all premium car hire suppliers in New Zealand, we will save you time and money
  • Talk to real people - Our customer service is the best in the car rental industry. Any issues with your car hire booking, give us a call.

It's best to remember our name VroomVroomVroom, however, people have still found us by doing a Google search for -

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Broom Broom Broom


Groom Groom Groom

By now you should have VroomVroomVroom embedded well into your memory bank.